Genius Plugz

Genius Plugz is Elite Safety Product's ear plug brand. Elite Safety Products wanted an ear plug brand that was not only comparable to industry leading brands but an image that stands out from most practical and economical ear plug packaging. This brand project allowed us to apply vibrant, fun and contemporary colors and styles to bring lots of life to a pragmatic industry.

Foamplugs Genius Plugz Packaging

Airplugs Genius Plugz Packaging

Let's give this old industry a colorful contemporary look!
Genius Plugz is Elite Safety Product's attempt to freshen a utilitarian PPE product commonly associated with practicality. This brand strategy allows our customers to immediately associate our product and customer service with advanced technology and youthful customer service.
"Who said pragmatic products can't look stylish and still be trustworthy?"
Corded Genius Plugz Packaging Illustrations
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