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mission & vision

One Haus Design is a boutique design studio servicing small to medium businesses in the Inland Empire and beyond. We believe that every business represents a person's deep-seated dream to bud into his/her full bloom. And growing a business from a seed is an infinite aim that is challenging but meaningful and joyous when we have the right partners. We hope to be that partner that can represent your values visually to attract, educate and build long lasting relationships with your ideal customers.

To help you realize that vision, we offer web, print and product design. That means something like websites, packaging, and 3D objects respectively yes, but we believe what we really do is much more than that. We believe that our services resemble providing your business seed a planter to shape its growth. We believe that planter requires constantly reshaping as your business grows. In other words, what we really do is finding you the perfect planter in every stage of your business development to showcase your blossoming flowers, mmmmmm how gorgeous!


Hi, I am your neighbor chenru!

I am the founder and owner of One Haus Design. Bringing you 20+ years of experience in business, visual design and education, I help to shape and realize the mission, vision and values of One Haus Design as your business partner.

​Prior to founding One Haus Design, I served as the marketing and design director at Elite Safety Products, iDance Studio and my freelance design business.